7 House Building Design with the Most Beautiful Architecture in the World

Anyone would want to have an attractive and beautiful home building design, designed by the best architects in the world. With the experience and distinctive design style, the architects will certainly never fail to present the dream home building design.

Curious as to what house design designed by architects of the world? Get inspiration for your dream home by looking at the most beautiful home building designs as a result of the creativity of the following famous architects.

Glass House – New Canaan, Connecticut

The design of a house that was completed in 1949 is the work of Philip Johnson, a modern architect from America. With its iron structure and glass facade, the design of this house building has become one of the world's icons of the development of modern architecture in the early era.

With the design of a house surrounded by translucent glass walls, you can enjoy panoramic views around the house clearly from the comfort of your home. The house feels spacious and beautiful, even though the land is limited.

Caring Wood - United Kingdom

Caring Wood is the work of architects James Macdonald Wright and Niall Maxwell. Inspired by the traditional Kentish house, the design of this house building has a characteristic chimney which is designed with asymmetric shapes and coated with clay tile.

The design of building houses designed for large families also features a courtyard as a gathering place. With its dynamic appearance and traditional philosophical value, the design of this house earned the title " House of the Year" from the Royal Institute of British Architects.

James Bond-style House Building Design - Russia

Zaha Hadid was the first female architect ever to be awarded the Pritzker Award, the highest award in the world of architecture. Famous for its futuristic design style, this house, located in the Barvikha forest, Russia is the only home design he designed.

With a unique design style that is unique, this house building design stands out in the middle of the forest with a tower that allows you to get a clearer view of the forest from a height.

Simple House - South Korea

Although it is called " Simple House ", the design of the house by architect Moon Hoon looks quite complicated. This unique geometric home design has three floors with each floor in a different box. This simple concept makes the design of a house look more dynamic, even though it is formed from simple elements.

Frank Gehry's House Building Design - Santa Monica, California

Designed by Frank Gehry as his own home, the design of the building in Santa Monica has an unusual shape, but it reflects the design style of this American architect.

In fact, this house building design is the result of renovations from the original house that he bought in a conventional housing complex. Utilizing glass tile and ventilation variations, the room feels open with natural lighting and adequate air circulation.

Rumah Andra Matin - Jakarta

In Indonesia, there are also home building designs that are not less interesting. Designed by Andra Matin, AS House which is also the residence of the architect has a simple appearance with exposed concrete material.

One of the selling points of this house is the use of light and excellent natural air circulation so as to maximize the comfort of the spaces in this house.

Garden House Building Design - Japan

Built-in the middle of the forest, this Japanese house designed by architects Megumi Matsubara and Hiroi Ariyama is able to maximize the beautiful view from the environment, both from outside and inside the house.

The design of this house building has five courtyards that allow you to enjoy the natural scenery even though you are inside the house. The composition of geometric shapes on the roof of the house is also designed in such a way as to manipulate sunlight into the building.

Interesting, aren't you, the designs from the buildings of world architects above? Which house design is your favorite and which architect do you admire most from the list above? When thinking about the design of a dream home, don't forget to think about the appearance of the interior to match the design of the house.