7 Building Icons with Classical Architecture in the World

Interested in the grandeur of classical architecture? The classical architectural model is endless and is still popular today. Besides giving a more artistic aesthetic value, classical architecture also gives an elegant and magnificent appearance. No wonder the architectural style is easily spread and attracted by the world community.

These are various world-famous buildings that have become icons of classical architecture that lovers of classical architecture must know!

Icon of Classical Architecture, St Paul's Cathedral in London

Not complete discussing classical architecture without including the Church of St. Paul's Cathedral in London. With its iconic dome, this classic building is one of the landmarks that beautify the cityscape of London.

This historic church itself has existed since the beginning of the 7th century and was later rebuilt and restored many times to have the magnificent appearance it is today. Not only as a place of worship, but this classic building is also now a tourist attraction in London.

Cologne Cathedral in the style of Gothic Architecture

With the heavy Gothic-style Classical Architecture, the Cologne Cathedral which was built in 1248, was stopped in 1473 and completed in 1880 comes with a different classical style impression. The cathedral's architectural masterpieces are even referred to as masterpieces of Gothic architecture in the world and are continually being restored because they are regarded as heritage in the world of architecture.

The combination of Classical and Modern Architecture in the Louvre Museum

Not only magnificent because of the classic architecture of the museum which was once the residence of the royal family, but this building is also popular because of the presence of a very iconic glass pyramid.

Every year tens of thousands of people visit the grandeur of classical architecture from the Louvre museum in France which holds a large collection of classic art items that are world-popular.

The Long Journey of Classical Architecture in Hagia Sofia

Originally built as a church, it was once a mosque, and is now a museum, Hagia Sofia is one of the biggest and most popular icons of classical Byzantine architecture.

First built in the 7th century, Classical Architecture in Hagia Sofia has a long history behind the beauty of its architecture and interior.

The splendor of classic Buckingham Palace Architecture in London

Who does not know the grandeur of classical architecture on this one? Now home to the British royal family, many historic world events have taken place in this classic architectural style building that has stood since the 18th century.

The Uniqueness of Classical Architecture in the Tower of Pisa

Famous for its sloping structure, the tower of Pisa is also an architectural icon known for its charming classical architectural style. Decorated with various ornaments and details of classical architecture that are distinctive and beautiful, making the attraction of world architectural objects one is increasingly in demand by various tourists from around the world.

Neo-Gothic Classic Architecture in Jakarta Cathedral Church

In Indonesia, there are also classical architectural style buildings which are quite iconic. With a neo-gothic classical architectural style that is popular in Europe, this building was designed and built by Father Antonius Dijkmans and inaugurated in 1901.

Classical architecture is in fact not only popular with its beautiful appearance but also its timeless aesthetic value. Interested in having a residential with a classic architectural style? Make sure you complete the classic architecture of your home with a variety of classic style furniture and interior decoration that can be found online at Myoldman.org.