10 Most Amazing Islamic Architecture You Must Visit

Islamic culture has produced various kinds of Islamic architectural masterpieces that are scattered throughout the world. Islamic architecture is not only reflected in the mosque, but also in other buildings such as palaces, tombs, fortresses, and even public facilities such as bridges.

Islamic architecture began to develop in the era of Islamic dynasties by displaying a unique and distinctive blend of architectural principles from four civilizations, namely Egyptian, Persian, Roman, and Byzantine civilizations. These architectural elements are fully contained in the ten most amazing Islamic architectural sites in the world. Where are the places? Please refer to the following article, let's!

1. The bathing of Sultan Amir Ahmad in Iran

Although it was built in the 16th century, the Islamic architectural site of Sultan Amir Ahmad is known as the most exotic tourist destination in Iran today and has long been promoted to become a national cultural site.

Islamic architectural characters in the form of geometric and ethnic carvings are depicted in turquoise and gold shades of ceramics. Uniquely, this bath also combines Islamic architecture with classical European architecture.

2. Alhambra Palace in Spain

Alhambra Palace is a palace founded by princes from the Nasrid kingdom in the 14th century. Located at the edge of the city of Grata, this palace is an Islamic architectural site that marks the Islamic civilization in Spain at that time.

Even though most of the buildings have been destroyed, the Islamic architectural character of this building is still visible in the fort, pavilun, and garden designs, which are mostly dominated by muqarnas carvings, which are typical stalagmites of Islamic architecture.

3. Taj Mahal in India

For the sake of remembering his beloved wife, Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan built a final resting place for his third wife for approximately 23 years.

The Taj Mahal which has repeatedly been included in one of the wonders of the world version of UNESCO makes this building the most recognizable Islamic architecture in the world today. Around this building is covered by white marble which is decorated with a blend of Islamic, Indian and Persian architectural ornaments.

4. The Citadel in Syria

When talking about the best Islamic architecture, Citadel Citadel is one of the best military architecture in the world. Islamic architecture is designed to build a fortress that is difficult to be penetrated by the enemy, such as an entrance that is built from a very sturdy rock structure and the part that has now collapsed is a bridge consisting of seven arches typical of Islamic architecture.

5. Chefchaouen di Morocco

Chefchaouen is a village located at the foot of the Rif Mountains. This village is used as an Islamic architecture site because it has historical values ​​and authentic Islamic architectural character.

The outer walls of the houses in this village reflect bluish-white, so Chefchaouen is also known as The Blue City.

6. Montaza Palace  in Egypt

Built-in 1932, Montaza Palace is a summer resting place owned by King Fuad I. This Islamic architectural site is right on the edge of the Mediterranean sea.

Even though it is located in Egypt, the Islamic architectural character that appears in this palace has been influenced by many ethnic Turkish motifs. Luckily now, the beauty of the inside of the palace and its vast gardens can be freely enjoyed by tourists.

7. Si-o-cell-Pol Bridge in Iran

Isfahan is one of the cities in the world which is the center of Islamic architecture. In addition, there are historic buildings that have a magnificent and unique concept of Islamic architecture such as mosques and palaces, there is also a bridge called Si-o-sel-Pol which is the most iconic Islamic architecture in the world. The bridge which stretches 297.67 meters above the Zayandeh River is decorated with 33 Iwan arches on its walls.

8. Agra Fortress in India

Founded in the days of the Abar empire, Agra Fort was one of the defensive buildings of the Mughal empire. The Islamic architectural site, located 2.5 kilometers from the Taj Mahal, also became a tourism center for travelers who wanted to visit the Mugha kingdom at that time.

The building is dominated by Islamic architecture which makes terracotta colors and distinctive white carvings as its architectural character.

9. Al-Burj in the United Arab Emirates

As one of the tallest and most luxurious buildings in the world, Al-Burj has become the highest achievement symbol of modern Islamic architecture. Al-Burj has a modern Islamic architectural design that is riveting both inside and out.

Interestingly, the design concept is contrasted in these two parts. From the outside, the Al-Burj looks like a boat with an arch of modern design, while inside it is filled with the appearance of an elegant classical Islamic architecture typical of Islamic palaces.

10. Samara Great Mosque in Iraq

Built during the Abbasid Empire in 850, this Islamic architecture site was once one of the largest mosques in the world with a total area of ​​170,000 square meters.

Overall, the exterior of the mosque is composed of traditionally made red bricks, while glass and ceramic shades of turquoise fill the interior of the mosque. The circular minaret is the only Islamic architectural character that is still clearly visible from this mosque.

So, which Islamic architectural site will be your next destination for your spiritual journey?